Vocalist, Analyst, and want to be a Diplomat that's into Sociology 

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He's been heteroflexible, but is fluctuating and evolving and is mostly cis-gendered. He's a switch (D&S not S&M). He's Schizophrenic, was a white kid that got bullied, was a trouble-maker as a child, was misdiagnosed, and was put on the wrong medications. He's Buddhist leaning, but accepting of all religions, He's graduated from college, with a BS in Marketing and Minors in Economics and Political Science, and he wants to work on a Master's in Sociology. He's into independent politics, grew up mostly average, and has made music since middle school. He's from one of the most average cities in the country(It's referred to as being Middletown, USA)! 

I originally made music for therapy. Then I eventually made music for politics and my personal story. I don't want to be preachy, but politics is still involved in what I do. However, I am making music to be a diplomat/mediator and to be a people's champ. 

Types of Music He Makes: 
It wasn't until college (I graduated from undergraduate studies, with a marketing major and an economics and political science minor at Ball State University), especially 2015, that he became serious about putting together a wide variety of genres of music. He began to make a name for himself then, as an artist who began developing an image as an artist who makes music with different topics, such as: 
1) He makes party music (including party music that has political undertones); 
2) He makes trap, funk, etc music that is about the positive and negative effects of using drugs and alcohol, pimping, and gambling, and how some of his friends use drugs and do other things in a way that are regulated well 
3) Makes music about his situation as a Schizophrenic person; 
4) Makes music about what'd happen if he'd act on evil temptations; plans on coming out with more music about relationships and alternative lifestyle; 
5) Makes music about doing well in school; 
6) Makes music that is geared toward working on developing the local scene in Muncie, IN and other cities like it; 
7) Makes lifestyle music that is related to his diverse lifestyle that is becoming even more diverse 
8) Makes music about being fake at first to growing up and learning how to be real 
9) Makes music about making through the flight school of rap music 
10) I could make music about how I'm mostly a spectator and a fan when it comes to sports 

I grew up in a city w/ mostly white, avg people, in a fam that didn't operate normal, w/ Schizophrenia & fluctuating & evolving sexuality, w/ a lot of talents (some sports, art, science, and politicking), w/ troubled, yet nice, demeanor, & w/ fairly bright mind.

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